Karly's Story

Karly has always been a bright and active girl but lately something has changed. She is irritable with her mother; late for netball training, behind in her school work and is at risk of losing her casual job at the supermarket. Something isn’t right at the moment with Karly.

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Darren's Story

Darren has missed his TAFE classes. Actually he hasn’t left his flat since he smoked cannabis three days ago. He won’t answer his mobile and his mates are concerned. What is stopping Darren from going outside?

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Michael's Story

Michael’s girlfriend Susie has broken up with him. While Susie told him it was because he wasn’t as fun anymore and he left everything in a mess, it has more to do with the strange things he has been doing and saying.

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Michael's Family

Jenny and Peter are Michael’s parents. They have brought him home but he hasn’t slept, nor have they. And in her bedroom Amy, Michael’s sister, stays up writing in her diary. This isn’t their Michael and no one knows what they should do.

The Family's Story